Energy Company of America

As a new national retail energy provider, ENCOA did not have a web presence and hired me to build out their entire web infrastructure. I designed and developed the site to allow customers and businesses to enroll in various electricity and natural gas plans. State regulations governing the process had to be implemented dynamically based on the customer location. After enrollment, the customer received generated PDF contract documents based on state requirements. Utilizing cloud hosting and storage, the site is efficient to operate and requires no interaction from ENCOA for maintenance or operation.

Administration for the site is handled in a secure backend which allows ENCOA employees to manage all aspects of their utilities and pricing plan models. Changing up their offerings could be done in seconds, with the requried contract and regulatory documentation being generated automatically behind the scenes. Visibility into audit trails of who changed plans and what was changed provided the business with the full capability to see how their products were changing over time.

In the second phase, I delivered a complete service agent backend to allow telephone agents to take customer calls and generate enrollments with a more streamlined interface. Agents had the capability to flag enrollments for follow-up and hand them off to superiors for payment collection and processing. A live analytics dashboard allowed ENCOA VPs to monitor the performance of the CSR agents as well as guage the success of the business on monthly breakdown charts.